Ford/Kavanaugh Hearing

What I saw/heard at the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing on September 27 was a sharp contrast – Dr Ford quietly but steadily presenting her case and answering questions about the event in question; and Judge Kavanaugh on passionate edge defiantly defending against what he saw as extreme partisanship in the process of his nomination and a giant conspiracy by Democrats against him.

Afterward, Republicans seem to have lined themselves up with a single narrative: (1) Sympathy for Dr Ford and her very traumatic experience 36 years ago, but no proof that Kavanaugh was the cause. (2) Continuing strong support for Judge Kavanaugh’s defense, despite no way to corroborate his professed innocence, and (echoing Kavanaugh) blaming extreme partisanship and a giant conspiracy by Democrats to keep a well-qualified, decent man from taking a seat on the court for the next 3 or 4 decades.

First, Republicans are intentionally blinding themselves to the fact that only 2 parties were interviewed, so this was a classic example of she said/he said, and proof one way or the other is lacking. Such is the nature of yesterday’s “investigation”. A full investigation would include others involved directly or indirectly – notably Mark Judge and the 2 other women who have accused him, in addition to others (other party attendees, etc). But Republicans are determined to get this man in NOW. Are they afraid of what an investigation might reveal? They seem oblivious to the possibility that the man really did commit that crime and now continues to lie about it – in which case we would have a criminal and a liar on the highest court in the land. If, on the other hand, a real investigation showed Dr Ford to be mistaken (maybe it was some other guy), then Kavanaugh would be exonerated and take that seat without a blemish on his record; why wouldn’t they want that?

Second, when Republicans rail against the Democratic “conspiracy” (Lindsey are you listening?), they conveniently forget their own actions when they conspired to prevent President Obama’s well-qualified nomination from ever being considered.

Like most people, I do believe Dr Ford’s account. But, despite her assurances that she is 100% sure the perpetrator was Kavanaugh, the small possibility that she mistook him for someone else still niggles at me. To clear up this doubt, people on both sides should be demanding an investigation more thorough than just an accuser and a defendant stating their stories.

In the aftermath, I come to the strong feeling that whether he did this or not, Kavanaugh is unsuited for this appointment because of the extreme partisanship expressed in his shrill statements and answers yesterday. If he is convinced of a Democratic conspiracy out to get him (without a burden of proof of conspiracy), how can he be an impartial judge when a liberal or Democrat appeals to the court in the future? The man is biased, if nothing else.

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