Copyright 1999 - 2002 Bob Persons


    Those are the eyes -
Yes, the eyes of Rebekah;
and they are saying 'Alas'.
    Listen; she speaks.

    (And do you hear?)
No, no, the winds blow too strong;
and my ears are filled with grass.
    The strain! - It breaks!

    (What do you hear?)
I hear the wind, see a star
flutter away. And the lass ...
    The star she seeks

    has gone its way
to the sky, the black it knows.
Still it shines. ... A globe of glass,
    fragile, it breaks,

    falls in the fen -
the evil fen. Yet it cries
'But do you know the morass! -
    the good it speaks?

    Is it first, or
is it last? Who knows the strongs
of the intensest morass?
    Who knows the weaks?


- Lone Coyote Calls


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Way out in the wilderness
a Lone Coyote Calls.
Your eyes fix on the shotgun
that's a-hangin' on the wall.

            - B Dylan