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Don't Stop Singing Forever

[Melody from an old gospel song 'Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow']

A song will you sing when the morning comes,
That I've not heard again,
The night about when we heard drums
Banging the sky to spin.

Don't forget the tamborine
Jingling jangling over
Concertina's breathing in
Joyful tune remover.

Add a word of the bird,
Singing beak so clever.
Know it all, start the ball,
And don't stop singing forever.

Hear the triangle tinkle steel,
Pick the strings guitar.
And the reed chord's harmonica you'll feel
Hot your palms sonar.

Don't refuse the hollow flute's
Liquid deathy sound.
(Sorta like your rubber boots
Treading mushy ground.)

Let it wind in your mind,
Stopping nothing ever.
Every word run absurd,
And don't stop singing forever.

The song ran away on a trumpet note,
Goodbye waving with a snare.
You might overlook the story wrote
In kazoo's boasting blare.

Bow the tune to the violin,
Sing it piercing through
The sky holes opening up the wind
To heaven's wondrous view.

When it's all in the hall,
Re-echoing walls with fervor,
Lost above, we'll make love
And won't stop singing forever.


- Lone Coyote Calls


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Way out in the wilderness
a Lone Coyote Calls.
Your eyes fix on the shotgun
that's a-hangin' on the wall.

            - B Dylan