Commentary from the Horse Beatitudes



1999-0910 The End of the Dream?


2000-0923 Letter to Candidates- Environment and Outside Influences


2004-0101 Global Warming Overview



2001-0915 First Coherent Thoughts


2001-0920 Second Coherent Thoughts


2001-0926 Bush's Plan to Kill the Bastards

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2002-0806 American Government - What Must Be Done


2002-0906 Pre 9-11 Horrors


The Saga of the Unelected President:

The 2000 Coup:

all from
[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

     2000-1109 Bush or Gore?


     2000-1116 Bush Executes Democrats



     2000-1116 NBC Report of Gore Dead



     2000-1116 Clinton President for Life



     2000-1116 Florida Cut Off



     Nation Plunges into Chaos



     2000-1116 Serbia Deploys Forces to America






2001-0118 Return from the Dark

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2001-0530 Guess Who's Come for Dinner

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2001-0926 Bush's Plan to Kill the Bastards

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2002-0306 Bush's Jobs Plan

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2002-0911 Cheney Kidnapped!


2002-0922 Impeach the President!


2002-0928 Bush Plans War on America!


2002-1002 Bush Seeks Support of UN

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2002-1218 Bush's Plan for the Bill of Rights

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2002-1219 Bush: Let My People Go!
     [In the Beginning, Mary Kay Went to the Mountain]


2003-0115 The Kim Solution

[The Onion - America's Finest News Source™]

2003-0209 Countdown to the Valentine's Day Massacre


2003-0214 Seven Score and Zero Years Ago
     [Goodbye, America]


2003-0320 Bush Adds France to Axis


2003-0607 Bush Murders Thousands


2003-0725 It's That Time (Dwarfs the Clinton Affair)


2003-0911 Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders


2003-1123 US Determined to Close the Jackass Gap


2003-1213 Bush Declares End to Law of Gravity


2004-0121 Bush and Lies


2004-0121 Bush on a Roll


2004-0320 The Worst Thing That Has Happened to


2004-0511 Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners:
    Question submitted to "Ask the White House"


2004-0513 Questions the Press Isn't Asking,
    Regarding the Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal


2004-0525 The Worst of the Bush Administration:
    Impeach Them All!


2004-0526 Questions on Future of CAiCE Software at


2004-0611 Secrecy of the Bush Government


2004-0910 Lies


2004-0910 Patriot Act


2004-0912 Bush's Incompetence Regarding 9/11


2004-0913 The Real Campaign


2004-1015 Bush and Evidence


2004-1017 Kerry's Undeclared War - Notes


2004-1025 Responding to "Keep Bush Editorial"


2004-1030 Osama bin Laden's Tape


2004-1105 The Election: A Catalog of Bush Failures


2004-1113 Welcome to the American Taliban
    and the Land of the Burning Bush


2004-1212 Bush and the End of the World


2005-0102 My Pet Goat - Part 2


2005-0116 ¡¡¡Bush Admits Mistake!!!


2005-0601 The President's Culpability in America's Decline


2005-0917 Bush's Hurricane Katrina Rebuild "Plan"


2006-0105 Cheney supports NSA wire-tapping


2006-0223 Feeling safe yet? (The Bush administration's
    tools, used to justify its actions)


2006-0227 What does it take to get Bush out of office?


2006-1209 The Iraq Study Group and President Bush


2008-0828 Stop Calling It War!


2008-1104 Historic Day for America!


Other Political Commentary:

2003-1113 Principles of election and legislation reform


2004-0306 Fundamentals of the Revolution


2004-0307 Yet Another Campaign Finance Reform Failure


2004-0307 Constitutional Amendment Defining Marriage


2004-0404 Corporations and Civic Responsibility


2004-0803 Kopel's 'Deceit' Complaints About Fahrenheit 9/11


2004-0910 Christian Principles


2004-1029 Responding to "Making Voting Too Convenient" Editorial


2004-1107 Constitutional Amendments


2004-1219 The People's Legislature


2004-1223 Cancelling My Subsciption to the Wisconsin State Journal


2004-1225 We the People


2005-0317 Talk About a Revolution! Forget the Broom


2005-0811 Government and Corporations - Things to Keep in Mind


2005-0903 Talk About a Revolution! Forget the Broom - part 2


2005-0912 America's Nuclear Weapons Policy


2007-0313 RealCon Announces New Amendment


2010-0804 BP Gulf gusher - Government report is overly optimistic


2010-1103 America, Wisconsin - Welcome to Kansas!


2011-0310 Only a Pawn in Their Game!


Other Stuff:

2005-0628 H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
        2005-0721 postscript 1
        2005-0812 postscript 2 (5,000,000 Years to Earth)


2005-1024 Evolution vs Intelligent Design


2011-0818 To the tailgater behind me


I'm Here, Uncle Sam

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