Cheney supports NSA wire-tapping

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January 5, 2006

So Dick Cheney says, if we could have had the current NSA wire-tapping program before Nine-Eleven, we might have intercepted conversations by two hijackers and prevented Nine-Eleven from happening.

This guy is off the world!

We had the ability to use that type of program, legally, using court warrants - before or after the tapping. The Bush administration decided to not do this - either legally or illegally.

Cheney wants to blame Nine-Eleven on missed opportunities. And so he conveniently ignores the facts that it was he and others in the administration who missed those opportunities, especially Bush's lackadaisical attitude toward terrorism and well-noted threats.

Who can possibly have a shred of trust left for this administration? These people blew America's safety in the first place, let the leader of the Nine-Eleven attacks escape, and focused our response in the wrong place - Iraq, because it was a "better target" for those who took advantage of Nine-Eleven to further their decade-old agenda. [See the Defense Planning Guide ("Dick Cheney's song of America - drafting a plan for global dominance.htm" in Harper's Magazine, October, 2002.]

Add to this unholy stew, the arresting of American citizens and holding them for years without charges or access to lawyers, family, and the American justice system; torture; secret prisons; outing a CIA agent as revenge for perceived disloyalty; the smearing of America's name in the world of nations, and you wind up with an administration that is very insecure and deathly afraid that its astounding incompetence will be found out.

Let's show them they have been found out. Impeach them all!

- Lone Coyote Calls.


Way out in the wilderness
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