Evolution vs Intelligent Design

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October 24, 2005

What an absurd notion! I don't see how these ideas are comparable at all.

Evolution is an idea based on scientific knowledge. Intelligent Design isn't. Intelligent Design is an idea concerning the origin of the universe and the earth and life forms on the earth. Evolution is an idea concerning the changes in life forms after they have been created.

Intelligent Design postulates that the universe, the earth, and earth's life forms are too complex to have developed through the long, slogging process of Evolution. Therefore, they must have been created by someone who designed the structures in the beginning. Aside from the obvious inference that the original hypothesis ("too complex") is unsupportable by any rational means, if the designer could create the earth in its present complexity, then he surely was capable of designing the process of Evolution to make the complexity happen. This argument does not support Intelligent Design. Instead, it rejects the notion that Intelligent Design precludes Evolution.

I don't care if someone wants to believe the Intelligent Design arguments. Just don't pretend that they are science. And don't pretend that they address the issues of Evolution at all. And don't pretend that they even address the same questions. Intelligent Design is concerned about origins. Evolution is concerned about development after origin.

Science does not pretend to know anything about the absolute origin of anything. All it can talk about with any kind of certainty is how things work now and how they may have worked in the past - after they came into existence. Let the Intelligent Design proponents talk all they wish about origins. They cannot prove, with rational thinking, such notions any more than scientists can.

Intelligent Design proponents see the marvels of the eyeball and the brain, and they see birds flying, so they say someone designed all that. That's not proof. That's not even rational thinking; it's wishful thinking. So it doesn't belong in the science classroom, except perhaps as a statement that it is presented by some as science but it is not.

Let Intelligent Design be discussed in philosophy classes, perhaps, or religious studies, but please! not in science classrooms.

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