Bush's Hurricane Katrina Rebuild "Plan"

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September 17, 2005

President's speech Thursday night (September 15) was uncharacteristically inspiring, even 'presidential'. He strode with apparent confidence across the lawn and delivered the speech in a calm, reassuring manner, showing no sign of fatigue or troubling thoughts. Inspiring? Yes, as it should be in the situation.

But get beyond the words and look at the actual recovery “plan”. Chertoff and Rove at the lead inspires dread, not confidence. Why? Chertoff's office failed in the first place; now he's leading the recovery? And you can bet Rove's purpose is to make sure all efforts are skewed enough to make the Bush administration look good. And what do you think of Bush's plan to investigate himself in the Katrina failure? Might as well ask the burglar to get at the truth as to why he got caught.

Then there's the financing of the plan – not a whiff of detail. How can Bush say that open-ended allocations of money will not increase the deficit? There are no programs left to cut, unless he's referring to the ones that support the very people he now claims he's trying to bring back into equality with the rest of the nation. Sticking to his no tax increases policy means the only citizens who will share the public burden are the non-rich - the ones whose entitlement programs are already scheduled to be cut and now will be cut even more. In the meantime, his corporate cronies have been given the fast path to make even more bucks off this disaster.

Give Bush a problem to solve, and his solution inevitably includes breaks for corporations and wealthy donors. Plus, he will expand the problem with irrelevant "solutions" - e.g., removing racial inequality while rebuilding. Just how does he plan to perform that magic?

Haven't Americans had enough? It's long past time to drive this corrupt, incompetent administration out. Force them to resign. Or mount a recall election. Failing that, impeach them all.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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