¡¡¡Bush Admits Mistake!!!

Copyright 2005 Bob Persons
January 16, 2005

Historic day - Bush finally admits being human, when he used defiant language like "bring 'em on" and wanting Osama bin Laden "dead or alive".

Now, while he's on this roll, how about them pesky WMDs in Iraq?

How about the incredibly stupid and mis-planned war in Iraq?

How about turning the focus from the 9/11 attackers to Iraq in the first place and letting bin Laden get away?

How about the real consequences of them tax cuts? the planned demolition of Social Security and Medicare?

How about the intentional ignorance of the 9/11 attackers' plans?

How about all that communist-style secrecy in the land of the free?

The environmental destruction he insists is worth it for the sake of the "economy" (meaning his big corporate benefactors)?

The removal of basic rights from American citizens?

Oh, hell! This gets us nowhere. The whole Bush administration is one colossal, devastating mistake for America. The man has no sense of the betrayal he has committed on America. Time for citizens to admit their mistake and remove this huge mistake from office.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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