My Pet Goat - Part 2

Copyright 2005 Bob Persons
January 2, 2005

He sat there in Crawford, Texas, on a vacation, for three days before emerging from his hole to pronounce on the Asian devestation. He still sits there, preferring to send his lackeys Powell and brother Jeb (Florida governor - hardly a USA official) to shore up against the criticism.

This happened before. On 9/11 he was nowhere to be seen for two days, after continuing to read My Pet Goat while New York, the Pentagon, and a fourth downed airliner burned.

Offhandedly, he promises to send $15 million in aid, then changes it to $35 million when challenged about stinginess, says more is to come. Where do these numbers come from? Is it his job to do this anyway? And on what basis does he say more is to come? Where is this money coming from? Is there a trickle into the fund that must occur before he sends it on? If not, why not just come up with a decent figure from the start? And how do you determine the figure? Of course we'll never get an answer from him; he doesn't like to explain his logic because he has none. Oh, and then he kicks up the amount to $350 million. Wow! Did he see a bloated body? or what?

This is the leader of the free world - our Nero fiddling while the world burns. It's embarrassing to be an American. Unbelievable that the American people re-elected him. Those charges of election stealing the second time in a row are beginning to look rational.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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