The People's Legislature

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
December 19, 2004

We are a nation of people, with a government of/by/for the people. Politiicans are people and rules of governing. Corporations are composed of people and rules of business. Churches are composed of people and rituals and traditions. All "special interest groups" are composed of people and a uniting philosophy.

All actions of the governmentt are to be guided by the people. Corporations, churches, labor organizations, special interest groups should have no power on our government, because the people within these organizations have that power. To allow these groups the powers that individual citizens do, is to dilute the power of individual citizens.

People exercise their powers by voting and by communicating with their elected representatives. The people dare not let the groups usurp these powers. Groups use money, which dilutes the power of the people. And when the money gets big enough it is more effective than citizens' votes. That is not how this country was started.

The Constitution is supposed to protect the people's rights against abuses by the government. Today, as corporations and other special interest groups use money to influence the people's government, those rights are being abused by that power, with the compliance of the governmentt. So we have to interpret citizens' rights as being protected from abuse by the government and all other powers that seek to abuse them.

The political parties, too, have become special interest groups, wielding vast sums of money to influence our voting and legislative systems.

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