Osama bin Laden's Tape

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
October 30, 2004

You have to wonder, with Osama bin Laden acting like a third-party candidate in America's presidential election. Would he be able to do this, looking quite fit and untouchable, if the Bush administration had done "what it takes" to chase him down in 2001?

Tommy Franks says the reason we didn't pursue him was that we didn't know where he was. Well, it would have been "hard work" to find him, wouldn't it? Instead, the Bush administration decided to pursue "easier targets" in Iraq (said Rumsfeld). We didn't know where Saddam Hussein was either, but we spent eight months and enormous resources hunting him down and finally capturing him. The President claims this was doing "the hard work." Why couldn't we have done the necessary "hard work" to capture the murderer of 3,000 Americans three years ago?

So, with 1,400 more Americans dead, countless thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis dead, and hundreds of billions of dollars leaving American pockets to fund the wrong "hard work," the mass murderer continues to sit in judgment on America three years after we vowed to get him, because the President decided he wasn't worth thinking about any more.

Why would anyone imagine in their wildest dreams that this President will protect America? He hasn't until now, and he continues to fail to ensure that homeland protections are in place. Meanwhile, the enemy gets to taunt us and weigh in on the American political process!

- Lone Coyote Calls


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