Responding to "Keep Bush Editorial"

Wisconsin State Journal, October 24, 2004

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
October 25, 2004

My initial response to your 'keep Bush' editorial was "OK, that's expected." But as I read it, looking for some rational thought on why we should do such a thing, my jaw dropped farther and farther down as I realized there is hardly a speck of hard-headed recognition of the reality of the Bush administration.

The Bush mistakes that you concede are in fact disasters for our nation, unrecoverable under a second Bush administration. Despite your wishful thinking that he will be "chastened and better-grounded" and "perform more effectively in a second term" Bush has told us time and again that he will not change a thing he's doing. There is no chance a second Bush administration will turn these disasters around.

And then your complaints about Kerry seem to be straight out of the Republican playbook, with claims that he has an undistinguished record, that he is an "unabashed taxer and spender." And you parrot the silly Republican "flip-flop" and "nuisance" non-issues. Do you guys think for yourselves?

The Bush administration has had four years to prove itself. Look around. What do you see? Still you elect to support a man who proposes to drive America even deeper into debt, war, environmental degradation, and fear. Your sources of information upon which to make judgments are greater than mine. Yet this is what you come up with!

- Lone Coyote Calls


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