Bush and Evidence

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
October 15, 2004

Whenever I hear President Bush speak of his policies and actions in simplistic trust-me terms, I want to shout, "Show me the evidence!" At the heart of our republic is an informed citizenry. Our government is in place at the wishes of the people. The elected officials are to be doing the will of the people. The only way for the people to know if that is what they are doing, is for the government to be candid about reasons, evidence, and measures of effectiveness. This administration provides almost none of that.

For example, take Mr Bush's mantra of tax cuts meaning "more money in your pocket." I have never heard him present any evidence that that is what actually has happened. Has he offered, even, to tell us what he has done with his no doubt large cut? Has he injected that money into the economy? What about all the rich folk and corporations who got huge breaks? Have they used that "money in their pockets" in a manner that creates jobs, as the president claims? or increases spending that stimulates the economy? Where are the numbers?

Without those numbers, all I can use to develop an opinion of whether the government is doing the people's work, is what I see. And I see a huge loss in jobs over Mr Bush's term (despite his rosy economic scenario). I see complete irresponsibility when spending increases enormously (mostly to support the war) while revenue decreases. I don't tolerate that kind of fiscal disaster in my home budget. Why should I tolerate it in my government?

It blows me away that a large number of people still support Mr Bush, even though he gives them nothing but superficial statements without any evidence to back them. As for me, I will not vote for such a person because he provides me no means to measure his performance. I develop my own means to measure it, and he comes up drastically short.

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