The Real Campaign

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
September 13, 2004

The real campaign should be Kerry vs Nader. As long as Bush is in the mix:

Once Bush is removed from the campaign, Americans can focus on American issues. Kerry would be tested thoroughly and Nader will finally have the chance to shake the complacency from the real issues.

All this talk of 9/11 reshaping America. It is doing that, but in a way I don't imagine most people think, certainly Americans have a new attitude regarding security of the homeland. But the fact that the thoroughly incompetent G W Bush currently leads Kerry in the polls implies that Americans want. Simplistic, unrealistic solutions if it makes them feel better. America will turn further in on itself, like an ingrown toenail, and fester. No matter which half wins, the other half will be furously angry.

Bush will enter the history books as a president who set America on a radical new course. That he couldn't have succeeded at this without 9/11 falling into his lap does not matter. History is full of names that became famous because they lucked into events they could couple with history and themselves, to give Americans answers they wanted - any answers. That the answers are utterly wrong matters not; they are answers. Can Kerry overcome this by providing answers that will annihlate the answers Bush has already given to a compliant public?

My experience with consdervatives leads me to believe that showing Bush to be wrong wrong will not work, except for those who already believe he is wrong. Kerry has to come up with a complete set of answers on his own, with enough detail about resources needed, advantages expected, and convincing scenarios of security and prosperity. Then let the chips fall.

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