Bush's Incompetence

Regarding 9/11

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
September 12, 2004

James Oliver Campbell's letter of September 12 ("Nationalized hypocrisy") appears to be a collection of adjectives attached to nouns, in the end amounting to "Bush is good, Kerry liberals are bad." What is one to make of that? Let's look instead at some real evidence concerning the Bush presidency, regarding a single topic - 9/11.

  1. When informed of al Qaeda's intent to attack the American homeland, Bush's administration deemed the threat to be of secondary importance. It didn't even try to prevent attacks on our soil.
  2. Despite bally-hooing the anti-missile defense for protection of our nation, on 9/11 a mere two jets roamed the DC skies while four airliners were on courses of destruction. The jet pilots were given no clue what was going on. Except for the brave passengers over Pennsylvania, defense was completely absent.
  3. The administration's immediate reaction to the attacks was confusion, hesitancy to the point of inaction, and too little too late.
  4. After a stirring speech that roused America to action, Bush took two months to take on bin Ladin. So bin Ladin got away.
  5. Not long after that Bush decided bin Ladin wasn't as important as Saddam Hussein, who had nothing to do with 9/11. So he reverted to the attitude of my first point - al Qaeda wasn't that important.
  6. Three years later homeland security remains inadequate and vast amounts of resources - money and soldiers - are being used in Iraq instead.
  7. The administration continues to refuse to release documents related to 9/11. Wouldn't any reasonable person ask for the reason - national security or evidence of ineptitude? and demand that a third party review them?
  8. Bush consistently refuses to discuss issues on the basis of facts, numbers, and logic. He prefers to say "Trust me" on everything, including his terrorist preparations and 9/11 response.
  9. Now he is running on his record, touting his response to the calamity as the major reason we should elect him. Let's look at that record. I do that and say, "Why should we?"
  10. Except for his address to the nation rousing the nation to act, his response to 9/11 clearly is a hallmark of his ineptitude. For almost 4 years the Bush administration has squandered all opportunities and has completely failed to protect America.

    - Lone Coyote Calls


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