Patriot Act

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
September 10, 2004

So Ashcroft says his agencies aren't looking at library records. Yeah, if you believe everything Ashcroft says, there's nothing I can say. If the government were investigating library books, we'd never know it because the Patriot Act also says these investigations must be kept secret. Not only will you never know if it's happening to you until you're arrested, but you can't even ask the library if an investigation is being done. Now, if Ashcroft says that part of the act isn't being used, what's the point of it being in there? Especially since it clearly is messing with constitutional rights? I have heard that a number of libraries have been asked to provide lists of people who use library computers to access the Internet. This is America? This is a hallmark of the old Communist system you're afraid is going to come to America. Guess what? It's here, brought to us by our own government.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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