Secrecy of the Bush Government

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
June 11, 2004

Now the President hires a private lawyer in the case of the CIA agent's name leak. This is just one more blow that the Bush government has inflicted on America - after Abu Ghraib and the attempt to contain the abuse scandal to the lowest levels of the military, after the detaining of American citizens without charge, after the costly mess in Iraq, after the "weapons of mass destruction" fiasco, after environmental rollbacks, after energy policy made by consulting energy companies and campaign donors instead of the American people, and on and on.

The key to these disasters is this adminstration's commitment to secrecy. It does not want the American people to know by what means it has made decisions. This is evidenced by the hallmark of this administration - a pattern of lies, dearth of evidence to support its claims, convoluted logic, and resistance to inquiries that would determine its decision-making processes.

Their justification is always that they are doing the right thing for America (again, no evidence is proffered), that a state of war demands secrecy, that security concerns trump any requirement for openness. And then they lay the blame on the people and agencies who want to uncover the truth, implying that such activities are un-American.

Yet the Constitution guarantees us the right to speak and assemble precisely for the purpose of making sure our government does not overstep its bounds and is held accountable to the people. For anyone to say we have to back our government without qualification in a time of war is to engage in the truly un-American activity of asking Americans to shirk this constitutional right and duty. The people must reverse this administration's policy of "the buck never gets to my desk" and demand that our government be open, as the founders of our nation intended.

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