The Worst of the Bush Administration:

Impeach Them All!

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
May 25, 2004

So, less than a month after the damning photos were broadcast, the first GI has been charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced for abuse of prisoners in Iraq. It's amazing how fast the government can work when it is trying to contain a world-wide embarrassment. Now we are left with two questions:

This administration was informed of the abuses over a year ago, and was informed again and again over the past year. This administration admits the activities were wrong. Rumsfeld has known for at least four months. Bush has known for at least 3 months. An investigation was begun, but has plodded on for four months. Only the release of the photos caused anything real to happen. And now, less than a month later, one GI has been accused, tried, convicted, and sentenced with great speed, and others are soon to follow.

It is the business of everyone in the chain of command to know what is going on in the links below. Every one in that chain of command is saying these abuses were terrible violations of international and American rules of wartime conduct, yet none are willing to say they have any responsibility for it. With the level of knowledge that the administration and the DOD had, why did they go public and take action only when forced to by the photos? And do you suppose the responsibility for the abuses will climb the ladder of the chain of command, pointing fingers at those who either knew or should have known because it is their job? How high will the indictments go? On whose desk will we see the sign "The buck stops here"? My impression, based on past experience, is that the desks of Runsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Bush, et al, are positioning themselves to have signs saying "The buck never gets here".

Of all the disgusting things this administration has done to America, this blows the lid completely off its incompetence, mismanagement, and outright lying agenda. Start with the fact that this administration was not elected by the people; it was put in place by fiat from a bunch of lawyers and the Supreme Court. Then it proceeded to alienate our allies, one by one, until we have threadbare and shaky support around the world. Then it dismantles decades of environmental improvements. And it runs up record expenses while giving money away to rich folks. Record deficit. Record job losses. The beginning of the dismantling of the health care system. Decrying big government with one mouth while forcing school systems across the nation into a federal model, sticking its big nose into private American sex lives. Calling themselves conservatives, sworn to uphold the Constitution, while unravelling the fabric of the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act. Holding people (including Americans) for years without being charged and without communication with family or lawyers. And then subjecting them to inhuman abuses that defy international and national law. Inflicting a large, expensive war on the basis of lies and other manipulations of the facts and information, and having virtually no decent plan for following it up.

The Bush administration is pursuing grand projects that are not in the interests of Americans, and using trickery and deceipt to get the American public on its side.

This is the bunch that claims to be Christian and democratic idealists. The leader of this bunch is a religious zealot who is convinced God is talking to him, and that is why he can never admit being wrong or backtracking on any path he has set foot upon.

It is well past time that this sickness that the Bush administration has inflicted on America is removed. How long must we suffer under a leadership that establishes its national policy on its knees in a dark room and carries out that policy in a darkness that shuts out the American people?

When are Americans going to stand up en masse and say Enough! Throw the bums out! All of them! Before the next election, because we can't stand it any more. Write your congressional representatives, demand that impeachment proceedings be started, to remove the worst cancer on the American government in history and save our country from the black hole it has taken us into.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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