Yet Another Campaign Finance Reform Failure

Copyright 2004 Bob Persons
March 7, 2004
To: Wisconsin State Journal, re: Yet another Campaign Finance Reform failure

So, yet another stripped-down, watered-down version of state campaign
finance reform fails, and the citizens take it in the teeth once again.
At this rate I expect that not only my generation but the next, too,
will be fighting the same battle. 

Eliminating the power of money from elections and the legislative
processes is crucial to the survival of our constitutional democracy.
Without that, we can expect to see continually increasing power of
corporations and special interests to control our government and our

Is this what citizens want? Is this what they are expecting? If not,
it's well past time for us to take back our government and get rid of
the corrupting power of money once and for all. Without radical reform,
your tiny vote in the ballot box will no longer begin to stand up to the
corporate and special interest money votes. 

How can citizens take back ownership of their government? Demand support
of campaign and legislative reform from your representatives. Vote out
every official who does not back the removal of outside influence of any
kind on our elections and legislative processes, because they are part
of the problem. Vote while it still matters.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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