Bush on a Roll

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January 21, 2004
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 8:23 PM
To: wsjopine@madison.com
Subject: "Bush on a roll"

Regarding your editorial "Bush on a roll" (WSJ 01/21).

You refer to "his focus on articulating a clear direction for the
country ..." Bush's proposed direction for this country seemed pretty
clear to me, but the reasoning that would convince us to follow in his
direction is completely missing. To follow Bush on the basis of his
perception of the state of our union is to be a sheep, because he gave
us nothing of substance to think about. It was an expensive pep rally
for his supporters. 

Bush presented hardly a fact or figure to suport his grandiose claims
of what his administration has done and will do. No reasoning from the
facts came out of his mouth that could convince us. No proposed
yardsticks to measure the success or failure of his policies. Just glib
statements that his policies work, and we should just accept his word
for that. For three years this president has had nothing to say, beyond
empty claims to fame, and America is very much poorer for it. 

The State Journal, too, espouses the grand plans without offering any
hard evidence that they are working. You refer to "the competent Bush
administration's lengthy list of accomplishments" without offering any
hard evidence that they are working. I fear your "polarization of the
electorate" is a splitting of the people in a manner you weren't
thinking of. It really is a division into one group that accepts Bush
and the State Journal at every bright-eyed word and another group that
demands proof before buying his plans for America.

- Lone Coyote Calls


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