November 23, 2003
PERSONal News Service

US Determined to Close the Jackass Gap

The United States, reeling from the recent show of force by opposition forces in Iraq using donkey carts, has vowed, in the words of George W Bush, "Never again will we allow ourselves to suffer attack from the superior weaponry of our enemies." Recalling the nation's resolve in the 1950's to regain pre-eminence in the space race after the Soviets put Yuri Gagarin into space, Mr Bush declared his determination to "close the jackass gap" by building far superior weaponry.

In a rapid display of that resolve, a herd of donkeys wearing flak jackets labelled "Proudly made in the USA" was paraded through the streets of Miami hauling massive carts equipped with the latest stealth and hemi technology.


- Lone Coyote Calls


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