July 28, 2003

It's That Time (Dwarfs the Clinton Affair)

[Email to my federal legislators]

The Bush administration has taken our nation into an illegitimate pre-emptive war based on a pack of lies. The lies were not just the "yellow cake" issue, but also the claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that he was ready to hand over to al Qaeda terrorists who would use them to damage our nation.

This administration is now focussed on covering its war lies, to the point where it is not adequately addressing other pressing issues - putting an Iraqi government in place (not to mention the long overdue Afghani government); repairing the wobbling econmomy; protecting our nation from further terrorist attacks. These lies include Orwellian rewriting of history by claiming that the statements they used to bang the drum for war weren't that crucial anyway (implying that the American people are merely sheep to be led to their deaths at the wishes of its leaders).

This administration is nothing short of criminal in the loss of over 200 American lives, many British lives, and countless Iraqi lives; in the destruction of Iraq's infrastructure and endless delays in rebuilding it; in its promotion of American capitalism to rebuild Iraq (at great profit to the American corporations but none to Iraqis); in its plundering of the economy, driving America into the worst deficit in history and the worst unemployment level in many decades; in its claim that North Korea's nuclear threat can be contained with current means, whereas Iraq - with no nuclear weapons at all - had to be destroyed; in its commitment of one-third of American troops to the rebuilding of Iraq after we destroyed it, leaving an inadequate defense against real terrorist threats.

This administration has told our long-time allies that their concerns mean nothing to us if they don't agree with and support our own programs.

This administration, while grandiosely promising freedom and a democratic government to Middle Eastern countries, has effected an unconstitutional invasion into Americans' lives. In the name of "security" he bringa America closer to the secretive, power-maintenance type of government that we rejoiced had fallen with the Soviet Union. And it seeks even more power over American lives, in the form of Patriot Act II. Is this the kind of freedom he's proposing for the Iraqi people?

This administration has promoted unconstituional public funding of religious institutions through "vouchers" and the promotion of public prayer in the schools.

This administration has impoverished the economic future of our nation by dramatically increasing expenses while dramatically decreasing revenues, leading to an inevitable mountain of debt with intolerable levels of interest to be paid.

This administration has rolled back the meager environmental progress made over the 30-some years since the first Earth Day. In the name of protecting our economy, it promotes the notion that environmental health can be bargained and compromised to ensure that big business does not suffer.

There can be no trust left for the claims of this administration. The cycle of lies makes it impossible for the people to believe anything it says any more. Why should we believe, when the next terrorist alert is popped up? Why should we believe its claims that Iran is preparing nuclear weapons? Why should we believe that it was necessary to kill Oday and Qusay instead of capturing them to gain information? (Might they, under interrogation, have blown the administration's cover regarding the supposed weapons of mass destruction?) Why should we believe that portions of the 9/11 report were censored for "national security" reasons? (Might those portions help to blow the cover of the administration regarding its claims that Iraq was the nation to fear, when it comes to supporting al Qaeda? Might it show that the real terrorist threat is Saudi Arabia?) Where does America stand in the world today? We can't depend on this administration to give us a clue.

The Bush administration has shown time and again that it cares nothing for American principles, if they conflict with its own program of ensuring the welfare of those in corporate power. It is the worst administration in history. It cares more for its own hold on power than for the welfare of ordinary American citizens. It should be removed from power before America descends into a dark age from which our descendants will have to struggle mightily to recover - if there is any chance of recovery at all. Congress must reverse its unconstitutional, unequivocal support of everything the president asks for. I urge you to lead the Congress in an impeachment of the president and any other impeachable persons in his administration.


- Lone Coyote Calls


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