June 7, 2003

Bush Murders Thousands

If you didn't doubt it before, you can't escape it now. The Bush administration lied, and over 150 American and British troops died supporting that lie, and thousands of Iraqis are dead because of it.

Possible scenarios regarding the supposed weapons of mass destruction:

  1. There are no weapons of mass destruction and Bush knew it. Blatant lie.
  2. There are no weapons of mass destruction and Bush was acting on faulty or incomplete "intelligence". The lie was that he claimed he knew.
  3. There are weapons of mass destruction but we haven't found them yet. The lie was that he knew there were such weapons. (If he did know, then how could he not know where they are and send inspectors directly there to dig them up? For that matter, he could have sent the pre-war UN inspectors directly there. Mr. Blix says the intelligence he was given was pitiful.)
  4. There are no weapons of mass destruction but we plant some to save face. What can I say about this scenario that isn't obvious, except that I don't put it past this administration.

Links with al Qaida have not been established.

All the "evidence" this administration assembled as proof that Saddam was a terrorist bent on attacking the United States is pitifully weak and incomplete (if it could ever be shown to be true), and in the end it is just plain lies invented to justify war.

Amidst all the glory he took for himself for ousting Saddam and setting Iraq free from his tyranny (definitely great things to have done), he has failed miserably in his post-war goals of rebuilding Iraq and helping Iraqis build a government. The ransacking and looting of museums, libraries, power plants, water facilities; the destruction of nuclear power plants and the resultant spread of radioactive materials; the dictating of conditions despite previous assurances that Iraqis can have any government they want; the lack of progress two months later toward establishing a government and internal order; the lack of progress two months later in re-establishing electric power and water supplies (how hard can it be, folks?). Post-war Iraq is heading in the same direction as post-war Afghanistan, which is once again being ruled by tyrannical war lords. This administration conducts war with intent determination, but stumbles all over its incompetence in everything else. Recognizing that, it uses its martial success in Iraq to threaten war with other nations.

And then there's the snubbing of our allies; the spitting in the face of environmental leaders around the world; the cold-shouldering of those who would include the United States in disarmament negotiations; the kiss of death to anyone who dares to suggest that the American economy is not the most sacrosanct object on this planet. The list goes on and on.

This administration is a menace to America and the world and should be removed from power.


- Lone Coyote Calls


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