September 22, 2002

Impeach the President!

Regarding the President's Pre-emptive Strike Policy.

The President's new pre-emptive strike policy does nothing for the world or us Americans except further increase America's isolation and paranoia and increase our friends' wariness of our motivations. Instead of offering to cooperate with other nations, Mr Bush threatens them with our snubbing if they don't do things our way. This follows the pattern he established early in his administration and continues to expand on without the consent of the American people.

Apparently he has never considered that, by wanting to force our supposed ideals on other nations, he is subjecting them to accepting the host of problems we have, along with the ideals:

My point is not to vilify the U.S. I only wish to point out that we should tend our own garden before planting our (sometimes poisonous) seeds in other nations' gardens against their will.

Another concern I have is that Mr Bush will include Americans in his pre-emptive strike policy. He wants, effectively, to cast a dragnet over the whole world in his determination to get those he regards as evil. What would he want to do with people like Timothy McVeigh, who was a terrorist in exactly the same sense as Mohammad Atta is? Given his determination to abandon civil rights policies embedded in our Constitution, I believe his dragnet will inevitably include the United States.

This is a man who was not elected by the American people. Yet he is taking all Americans down this road without asking their permission. The man should not be allowed to establish such a policy without the consent of the American people - which means through their representatives in Congress. Congress dare not let his popularity (which is due primarily to the role he fell into on 9/11/2001) translate into demagoguery.

Some other items by which he has brought disaster to our country:


Impeachment may be drastic, but this man is out of control. Something must be done to rein him in. Enter "Impeach Bush" into your search engine and see what comes up. Some examples (I'm not advocating any of them; pointing them out for reference):

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