Someday It Will Flow

But someday it will flow. And it will pour like sheets of honey and my story will be told.

Gotta make your own rules, break your own chains.

And meet, one day, all those we loved and all those we hated, and say 'God bless you' in the light of noon.

Shivering in the hallway till the great moment comes when all the dark goes away and black as the deepest hole will swallow us up.

A sign is in the wings and the sign is rising high the cities cowering underneath as the moment has come.

The woman takes up the tortured body in her own, and all God's angels weep for envy for none of them could love like that.

A plague has come to bite us all till we too take up the withered bodies in our own, till we serve the angels and devils alike with our capacity to love.

We've shown it al but in fits and spurts and never as one, the streaming magnificence we keep holed up under the tub.

- Lone Coyote Calls