Commentary on Places of Power

Brownsville Girl:

Circumstantial Salvation

All of them:

Into the Pit and Out Again.
And what did we see in the Pit?
What did we learn?
What about the NEXT Pit?


Realizing that the Pit is just as much a part of our salvation as being out of the Pit.

Memphis, Tennessee:

Don't You Know, when you finally get to Mobile you just get those old Memphis Blues Again.

Will You Miss Me:

Yes, Dad, I hear you!
And yes, Dad, I miss you!
I don't know how else to do it, but I miss you.

The Sounds of Silence:

I weep. I think of Irretrievable. I think of the Eternal silence. I think of never really trying. I think of hanging onto a . . . onto a . . . and giving Iit Up for . . . giving It Up . . .

You Can't Always Get What You Want:

It's usually just Visions you want. Visions are what keep us here, keep us Bound, keep us Living Dangerously, so Useless and All.

But even Salvation is a Museum. They've all said they know what It Is. Let's ship them All to the Smithsonian, along with Virginity.

And when you face that bemused Face that looks at you a second and turns to Other Things, when you try to turn that Face and only see its Ass, when you are blinded by its Light and, peeking thru a crack in the rock see just its middle Finger Rigid to the Sky, man, you just gotta take another Look, man, you just gotta See what I is. 'I am That I-Am.'

Can the World come to an End and It's All Right Ma I'm Only Bleeding?


I'm still trying to find You! What an asshole! Can't shake the monkey. You think crack is the Destroyer? You think booze takes a man down? You think smoking kills your lungs? Pot leads to hard stuff? Does Pot lead to God? [Now THAT'S hard stuff!] Does Pot lead you to spit your life away in endless pokings in forsaken corners for a glimmer of Light?

God! What does it Take, to gert the Final Cut? Give me the Shotguns in the Hall!

Jesus! I only wanted to see you laughing in the Purple Rain. It's just a Crazy Dream I Know I Know I Know, but if I show you my Dark Side my Weak Side what would You do? What would You Do? Would You take me Home? Or would You just laughing add another Link to my Chain! Knowing . . . KNOWING I don't have the Nerve to Make the Final Cut!

So I stand here in the Rain I sink in the Mire I fall to the Pit I do whatever it takes, to get into that Pit - Jesus! Gravity doesn't do it by Itself!

Ah, I'm in the Pit. I'm in the glorious Pit. I'm standing in the glorious purple Rain it's in Desolation Peak I've come down from the Peak but I'm still in desolation and the Rain . . . the Rain . . . in the Desert . . . the Rain! It Rains in the desert and like no other place maybe because it isn't supposed to Rain in the desert, so when it does it Rains and it Rains and it Rains and then it Stops and the Healing Begins.

The Desert! The Desert! It hurts it hurts it Hurts and then suddenly it Heals.


- Lone Coyote Calls