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Meeting Kris in the Desert - Part 1

Suddenly I was amazed to see the bright sand around me like the sun had come to earth and filled it with its gentle gold. I heard his heh-heh growl wafting over the shimmering grains like it came from the depths of some far-off pool. Somehow I knew (for I was partly blinded by return from my latest reverie) that he too was gone. Then, rising like a sneer from the undistanced swirl came that damnable cheery voice "Gotta make yer own rules, chile! gotta break yer own chains!" I sighed, like it was the middle one of a thousand sighs, and sat down again prepared for another shot at asceticism. I looked for the bird but he refused to rise this time. The sky burned like hot steel. Sand made little swirls at my feet, like little animals licking my toes. A shot from that bota sure would've been good right then.

- Lone Coyote Calls