Jim - Part 2

Once again, Jim, I'm waiting for you. It's been awhile. Too many nights, too many sex dreams alone, I've waited. The waves ploosha glug shug ploosher under the cedar root that hangs over the rocks. Sparrows unafraid of me yet eye-cocking all the time root ensemble in a depression in the grass. They would sing like hogs to have my veggie pita.

I've got some time to do in my prison, might as well make good use of it. I've seen the suns come and the moons go, and they've only seen me sitting on my ass bonking on a guitar, tapping on a keyboard, scanning thru endless books numbing my brain in front of the boob tube. I'm waiting for you, Jim. It's been forever since you forsook me in the desert. What, God forsook you so you're gonna stick it to me? Jim, we're buddies from way back in school! I know I haven't been outgoing in seeking you out, but hey one of us's gotta do it or we're lost. I know the burden's always been on you, but I'll try I'll try yah.

In the closet I keep my clothes On my back the cloth sticks like glue. In my black tool box that sits on the desk I keep my tools. In my hand the hammer swings like a madman. I have cartons of boxes for my notes. I write 'em + toss 'em in the box. In my mind the note struggles like a bird to sriggle free before it's done.

I've got a few things here you might wanna see but they're not ready yet.

Jim you bastard! where the fuck are you!

Rollie the precocious is so far away. So long since he laid his arm on his brother that first terrifying day in kindergarten. "Warren cried," he'd said when his father in long [950916. heavy] coat embraced him (Warren went straight to Mom).

It's a ways to go, to get here from there. Who could've planned it? How are the mighty fallen! How has the earth rotted! The mother softness turned to unyielding bars. The chains grown longer, each year another link, each link another letter for my name as the name grows so grows the whip that will be used to punish me when it's done. Life just adds more to our ultimate punishment, another step in the program of eternal torment. Why do we cling to it when it dooms us? Speak for yourself, Kimo Sabe. For all you know, everybody else's shit is together and they will laugh while you struggle forever withe the Sisyphusan rock.

Jim, you led me here. Now take me home.

- Lone Coyote Calls