In the Rat[hskeller]

The most popular records in the Rat: "Baubles, Bangles, and Beads" (Kirby Stone 4), "Clap Your Hands" (some Rock'n'Roller), "Why did You Go?" or something like that (Brothers 4); many times played in that order. Fats Domino is also popular. He's a cool guy. I like him. The lyrics to most of his songs are pointless, but he's got a terrific style.

Sometimes 4 or 5 people will try to harmonize a song. Waiters are always walking around, picking up dirty dishes and glasses and paper, saying no word. A pretty girl walks around, straightening chairs and picking up a used cup or napkin now and then, and telling me to keep my feet off the chairs. I never see any engineering books like mine.

Practically every day I'm here I hear - once only - the familiar sound of a fragile glass falling to the hard linoleum and shattering.

I'm chained.

This is almost the only place on campus where I see Negroes.

Most of the Beatnik (or are they Bohemians?) types sit near the main entrance.

... Oh! that song. "Clementine" (Bob Darin). I hate it, and they play it so much.

... And that "Run, Samson, Run" (Neil Sedaka) - Ack!


- Lone Coyote Calls