Gulliver's Dream - The Chains of Sleep (Revisited)


Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 10:49:57 -0500
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Subject: Re: A question about a dream state

>On 6 May 1996 00:25:40 GMT, you wrote:
>>Has anybody ever had a dream where they open their eyes but they cannot
>>move their body.  I've had only a few of these in my lifetime and wondered
>>if anyone had any information about this state.
>I can't offer an explanation or analysis, but I can relate my
>I was going through a very depressing time in my life (I was about
>23).  I lay on the bed in a half sleep and dozed off for what couldn't
>have been more than a minute.  When I became aware again, I felt
>paralyzed.  I tried to move my arms and legs but couldn't.  I had an
>image of Gulliver tied up by the giants, but it was with chains with
>very tiny links (but thousands of them).  I struggled and struggled
>but couldn't budge a muscle.  I started to panic, thinking I was
>surely going to die.
>Then I felt myself floating, and I could see myself on the bed, with
>the chains wrapping me up like a coccoon.  Up near the ceiling, I was
>merely aware, without panic.  But part of me was still tied up on the
>bed, struggling to save my life.
>Finally, I felt one tiny link give way, then another, and another, and
>I could wiggle muscles.  Now I was able to shrug off whole chains, and
>soon I was rising from the bed.  I was sweating, breathing hard,
>scared to death.
>This was not, technically, a dream, because I was aware of it
>happening, and I certainly wasn't controlling it.  But it had the same
>qualities of a dream in other ways.  The out-of-body experience was
>one of several I had when I was younger (don't have those any more).
>I'm very much interested in hearing your experience.  I hope you
>aren't wracked with guilt as I was then, because I really feel I
>almost lost it then.  Best wishes.
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Thanks for your response.  In this particular so-called dream I couldn't
move any parts of my body, my body was shaking all over and I kept trying
to move my body to wake it up.  Finally I was successful and awoke, I was
still trembling all over.  There seemed to be a presence of some sort in
the room and it had been pressing against my face, that's it.

I too when I was a child felt that I was floating and touching the ceiling.
My mother would call out to me to come to her and I would tell her that I
needed to get off of the ceiling.  This stopped when I was 7 or so.

Thanks again.

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Subject: Re: A question about a dream state
From: dschmitt@cable029034.cable.man.ptd.net (Daniel Schmitt)
Date: 8 May 1996 18:52:03 GMT

>Has anybody ever had a dream where they open their eyes but they cannot
>move their body.  I've had only a few of these in my lifetime and wondered
>if anyone had any information about this state.

I think that dream paralysis is not an uncommon experience.  There was a
thread in this newsgroup some months ago about the topic.

Could you provide more details about your experience?  In the meantime, I'll
tell you about mine.

This has happened maybe five times in my life, all during the last three-or-so
years.  The first time was quite frightening, actually, because paralysis was
not the only strange thing that happened after I had (apparently) awakened
from my dream.  The details of the dream are not quite clear in my mind,
as this was several years ago, but what I'll recount what I remember.

I was in some sort of clearing in the woods with lights shining down on
me from several UFOs.  The feeling was that I had been in one of the UFOs, and
had been dropped off in this clearing.  The area resembled on near my house,
but I am not sure that's where it was.  The next thing I remember after that,
I was in my room an could see the beams of light still shining down
outside my window.  Then I woke up.  I was safe in my bed, and felt relieved
that it had only been a dream.

I felt quite certain at this point that I was awake.  It was just like any
other time I had awakened in the past, and if I was still dreaming at this
point, then it was certainly the most amazingly realistic dream EVER.
Although, by traditional standards I suppose I had to be dreaming,
considering what happened next.  Anywayz, I was laying there in my bed, and I
felt something on the great toe of my left foot.  It felt like a beetle, or
maybe a small mouse.  I wasn't particularly frightened, as I don't have a
fear of beetles or mice.  I didn't have a chance to do anything about it,
though, because that that point a shock shot up my leg, up my spine, and then
struck my brain with a flash and a jolt.  After this I was completely
paralysed, except for my eyes and eyelids (maybe my head too), and the
tips of my pinkey finger and pinkey toe (I can't remember which side of my
body).  I struggled to move, and over the next 30 seconds or so regained
control of my muscles.

As soon as I was able to move, I got up, turned on the light, and went to the
bathroom, where I took off my sock and examined my toe.  I couldn't see
anything unusual, though.  When I returned to my bed I left the bathroom light
and my room light on, and lay in bed wide awake for probably 45 minutes before
I fell asleep.

I must note that at the time I was quite interested in UFOlogy, and was going
through a faze where I was extremely afraid of being abducted.  So of course,
at the time I was quite convinced that the experience  had something to do
with aliens.  It certainly didn't help me with my fear of alien presence,
though, and I slept with my light on for quite some time.

This is the only time I have had anything truly "unexplainable" happen to me
without later waking up from it.

I have experienced sleep paralysis several times since then, but never after
being fully awake, and never involving so strange an experience.

Does anyone have any comments, information, speculation, or similar
experiences they would like to share?



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