Comin Down in the Bristlecone Pine

Comin down is hard but comin down in the bristlecone pine has ramifications for all your tenders that go beyond anything you may have intentionally done to your body to get high in the first place it's like why are we built so vulnerable why don't we have armor why do we have to invent these chains for ourselves so we wouldn't constantly fret about the ties that keep us down

Comin down is hard but goin up is harder to manage when you've been lookin down for so long like the dog who never looks up never sees the sky unless you're up there in the tree whistlin at him then he looks stupid at you tryin out a meager wag of the tail obviously wonderin why his lord and master is makin him do something so uncomfortable.

An now in the light of the bristlecone pine
Burnin like a rag stretched in the heat
Its three-thousand year old cells rushing
into the fevered air like moths to the face of god
do they remember across the world the Assyrians
waking the world from its god-absorbed dreams
inventing the concepts of terror and treachery
side by side with their mandate of evil while
here a lone indian slouched searching
his place of power to have a dream
and, finding the pine he sets it afire
breathes in the smoke sees the leaves to come
throws off his blanket to let the flame
sear his nakedness watching the hinder of god
go strolling by as he peers thru eye slits
focused on the blaze that lights up his mind
does he see me? does he see me sitting here at his tree?
does he come to me now with a dream?
does he have the antidote for terror and treachery?
does he show me the ass of god and say it's all right!
it's the best you can do when it comes to god?
can he lower me from my high
can he deliver me from my low
can he burn this flag to a crisp
and raise it up again before me
so I know that something is true
Or will he let me sink to the mud
will he drop me and say find your own way
like I did.

I thought I saw the face of god - and it was smiling but it was just the cheeks of his ass turned sideways and then the flame went out

- Lone Coyote Calls