The Children of the Waves

TI gave to you
The children of the waves
climbed up to the land.
One came back wounded,
bound himself in his home water
and roamed no more.
One took the sun on his head,
the stones under his feet,
and bled, and cursed, and fell,
like no falling before. And when another
came to help him, he cursed.
The sun went down
How did you manage to live?
I heard a ------ say to me
Repeat again over again, "The wind
is my mother and I will visit her on her day." And I did,
and I live. And I take the cold
that moves like a wave
after the sinking sun.
For I know that I was not given
comfort, but hunger and thirst
and cold body longings unexplained.
This was Ananda the Cold,
and he was the one who gave his name
to the continents, and his seed to the soil.

There was another, too, who was lost
and thought to be rotting in the ageless wind,
but should herself, one day, in rags
for clothes and weeds for hair
and a limp testifying the new gravity.
She had found a niche in a mountain
and hid all those years, from the dry wind.
She prayed, and found (for all she said),
a blessing that would keep her
and bring her water.

And one - that One -
built a ship.

But, dying all, they only saw
that the sea was a chain,
the land a rope,
the sky the eternal tease
flaunting all its clouds like
spawn germed with their seed.

- Lone Coyote Calls